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The Tell All Guide to Solving SaaS Security and Governance

As SaaS usage has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, so have the security risks that come along with it. Learn how to mitigate these risks so that your entire organization can freely use SaaS without creating security risks.

In this eBook:

  • What To Expect When Securing SaaS – Learn what you should expect when securing SaaS usage across your entire organization and what changes might need to be considered. Learn about the challenges, pain-points and common issues of SaaS security.
  • Automated Remediation Tools – Knowing is only half the battle. For the other half, Wing gives the tools needed to fix the issues it finds. And taking it a few steps further, Wing also gives you the ability to automate those tools, taking most of the workload off your plate, while keeping SaaS as secure as ever.
  • Holistic SaaS Security – Many partial solutions for SaaS are available out there, but Wing is the first 360° solution that does it all, without missing anything. Learn why this is the best way to secure SaaS as well as the dangers of choosing piecemeal solutions and what they commonly miss.

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