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How Security Solutions Can Truly Take a Load Off

Let’s face it – The security landscape has changed. Security vendors need to keep up. Gone are the days where security “solutions” feel more like “to-do” lists. 

What does keeping up look like?

Galina Antova is the Co-Founder and Chief BD Officer at Claroty .

Galit Lubetzky Sharon is Wing Security’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Join these two security and tech savvy executives as they unravel the modern requirements from today’s security solutions. What should you expect from your security vendors, what should you demand.

View the webinar to:

  • Understand the basic requirements today’s security solutions should offer.
  • Explore the meaning of “best of breed” vs “platform” when it comes to security.
  • Get useful tips on how to ensure your security solutions don’t just pile up more work for you and your team.

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