Wing Security: Solve Shadow IT, Prevent Data Leaks, Manage Permissions

Use Wing Security to ensure your customers gain:

  • Full visibility into all their SaaS usage, and know who their SaaS users are. Our discovery methods are non-intrusive, on-going and provide an immediate solution for organizations’ Shadow IT problem.

  • Important and actionable information based on their SaaS stack, including:

    • SaaS applications’ compliance
    • Security score
    • Business information
    • Classification and tagging options
  • Control over data exposure. Wing allows you to restrict and govern any sensitive data shared externally over SaaS applications.

  • Remediation paths. Wing security enables security teams to revoke tokens and permissions, block risky applications (including 3rd party apps), fix misconfigurations, monitor and solve risky or wrong SaaS users’ actions and more, all within the platform.

  • A fully automated solution. We take pride in our out-of-the-box automated remediation paths. We don’t leave you with a long list of security issues – we fix them.

Why Wing?

We know you only want the very best for your customers. We are fully aware that how we perform reflects back on you. It is for this reason that we work extra hard to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer our partners full access to:


  • Our Massive SaaS DB. Wing has a DB of hundreds of thousands of SaaS applications. We take pride in our rich data sources that allow us to support our customers with better visibility, analysis and features such as the “SaaS LookUp” option.

  • Real-time Threat Intelligence alerts. Our Threat Intelligence team is always on the lookout for information that is imperative for our users’ security. We provide users with real-time alerts from within the platform about applications or actions that are putting them at risk.

  • Full customer support that’s not limited to the onboarding process. Wing is super-easy and friendly to use, and we make sure our users learn how to use our platform by being available to walk them through any steps till they are fully able to use it on their own.

  • End-to-End SaaS Security. Instead of onboarding 5 different solutions and managing them all, Wing is built as a platform that ticks that SaaS Security box!

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