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of Your Saas Layer

Wing puts SaaS security first so you can use the SaaS you want, safely.

Eliminate risky applications

Discover and manage all SaaS applications, third-party included, to minimize the risk of rogue applications exposing you to potential threats.

Manage user behavior

Proactively monitor unauthorized SaaS and user behavior to ensure employees don’t accidentally, or intentionally expose your organization to unnecessary risk.

Protect your data

Prevent sensitive file sharing and leaking by having the full picture of how your organization’s data is being used over SaaS, by who, and how.

The SaaS Security Experts

Accelerate business growth and enjoy the benefits of SaaS, all while staying protected.

Leverage the industry’s largest SaaS application database.

280,000 +

SaaS Applications

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Reduce error and save time by leveraging advanced automated remediation.

“If I had to choose one favorite feature, it would be the automation for closing externally shared files. This feature alone makes Wing a valuable investment”.

Noam Vander, CISO

Receive near real-time threat intelligence alerts and recommendations.


Companies using breached applications.

Our Top Use Cases

Insider Risk Management

Mitigate the risks associated with outgoing employees and malicious insiders, by monitoring for abnormal user behavior, revoking unnecessary access, effective offboarding and more.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Manage supply chain risks and prevent lateral movement in app2app and third-party connections, by proactively identifying and removing risky applications in your SaaS layer.

Governance, Risk and

Simplify and automate evidence and data collection to meet compliance requirements such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001, by ensuring accurate vendor assessments, appropriate user access levels, and more.

Built for Security teams, made for SaaS users

Kelley West

“The ease of 1 click offboarding is a game changer. There used to be many little tasks to offboard someone, but with Wing we can offboard and collect SOC 2 evidence with 1 click”

Noam Vander

“We used Wing quite a lot for our recent ISO 27001 audit. It helped us with evidence collection around secure employee offboarding processes and management, application management and review, asset management and data sharing… our GRC manager uses Wing regularly”

Jonas Hirshfield

“We could have hired and outside firm to spend a month doing this, Wing does it in seconds.”

Global Infosec Awards Winner BADGE - Cyber Defense Magazine 2022 - Wing Security's SaaS security platform

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