Wing’s Comprehensive Approach to SaaS Security

The Holistic Solution for Your SaaS Security

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Always on, non-Intrusive Discovery

  • Wing is not inline, not a proxy and does not use a proxy. We value privacy and make it a priority.

  • Gain full visibility on all your SaaS apps, users, and vulnerabilities within minutes of onboarding.

Non-Intrusive Discovery on Wing's SaaS Security Platform's main dashboard

Ongoing SaaS Analysis

  • Learn about your SaaS apps’ security ranking, compliance compatibility, permissions, internal and external connections. Wing is always on, always evaluating SaaS apps.

  • Spot, check and control inconsistent activity or usage.

Ongoing SaaS Analysis as seen on Wing's SaaS security platform's dashboard in the app categories

Automated Remediation

  • Solve security issues with a click of a button using our actionable out of the box remediation playbooks.

  • Easily automate your own remediation paths to best meet your unique business needs.

Wing's SaaS security platform is the only one with built-in automated remediation

Engaged End Users

  • Empower your users: They know best the business context of how they are using SaaS apps. They can easily be engaged in their own SaaS security with a few simple steps.

  • Take some of the load off your busy security teams and gain a stronger security culture while still retaining full control.

Wing's SaaS security platform keeps end-users engaged in the process, as they usually know best why a SaaS app, user, or file is being used the way it is being used.

Easily assess the state of security of your entire SaaS estate

  • Slice and dice the view of your SaaS by what is most useful to you: by user, by app, by marketplace, by compliance regulation.

  • Our solution is fast to onboard, easy and friendly to use.

Easily assess the state of security of your entire SaaS sprawl using Wing's SaaS security platform

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