Explore Wing’s Holistic SSPM Solution

Our Main Use Cases

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Real-time SaaS Visibility

  • Wing provides your organization’s full list of SaaS applications – within minutes.

  • Wing maps, analyzes, and scores each SaaS application in your organization.

  • Wing provides actionable insights and recommendations into SaaS compliance, security score and business information.

Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Discover all app2app and third-party connections in your organization.

  • Streamline your response to threats by leveraging Wing’s automation capabilities.

  • Get alerts on new threats, while receiving suggestions on how to mitigate sensitive information leaks.

Always-on Data Monitoring

  • Wing helps mitigate risks associated with data breaches, insider threats, and accidental data leaks by monitoring data movement outside the organization, and mitigating risky data shares.

  • Wing monitors for data forwarding, mass data downloads and shares – mitigating risks often caused by negligent end users.

  • Wing ensures business continuity by including the end-user in mitigation, minimizing disruptions to the user’s workflow.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management

  • Simplify and add security to the offboarding process by revoking access to SaaS apps with a single click.

  • Complete your Access Review in minutes, and enjoy better SaaS security while you do.

  • Access the full list of compliances for each app, identifying if they meet necessary regulatory requirements.

Vendor Risk Assessments Insights

  • Utilize Wing’s “SaaS LookUp” feature to assess the safety and reputation of 280,000+ SaaS applications and web extensions.

  • Make better security decisions before onboarding applications by understanding each one’s “Reputation Score.”

  • Gain insights into alternative SaaS applications that may offer better security or meet other specific requirements.

Insider Risk Management

  • Monitor for abnormal user behavior, such as unusual data transfers, to identify potential threats.

  • Control user access levels across tens of business-critical applications.

  • Ensure secure user offboarding, eliminating potential access by former employees through SaaS applications.

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