Leverage Our Massive DB

The problem:

Too Many SaaS Apps!

With hundreds of thousands SaaS apps floating out in the world, it can be difficult to keep track of which ones are safe and which ones are not.

Security teams need to know:

Which SaaS apps are safe, and what does ‘safe’ even mean?

Are there any alternative SaaS apps that are more secure?

Have any SaaS apps become less safe, or more secure over time?

Have any SaaS apps been recently breached and need to be avoided until a patch is rolled out?

Wing’s Solution:

The largest SaaS database in the entire industry.

Wing boasts the largest SaaS app database with over 260,000 SaaS apps! The database is constantly improved and updated with new information.

Wing Security SaaS app lookup

Wing cross-references any SaaS app found against our DB, and then generates a ‘Wing Reputation Score’ which simplifies the process of deciding if a SaaS app is safe.

The Reputation Score is expressed as shields:

Wing Security SaaS Security Ranking Shields for Google

Wing’s SaaS LookUp feature provides important security information about SaaS apps before they are onboarded, making it easier to decide which SaaS app will be safest, while understanding what alternatives exist.