Control Data Exposure

The problem:

SaaS files get shared in ways that potentially exposes sensitive data.

Nearly every organization suffers from ‘data exposure’ issues at some level, as it’s caused by human nature, not a software gap.  

Workers frequently need to share SaaS files to get their work done. But too often those SaaS files are shared in ways that potentially expose data to outsiders.

Examples of data exposure vulnerabilities:

Files being shared with users outside the organization.

Files being shared as a link and set as “Share with anyone” instead of just being shared with the few people involved.

Sensitive files being shared on public Slack channels that may be accessible by outside users.

Never unsharing files, even after years and decades.

Wing’s Solution:

Data Exposure Control

Wing Security finds, alerts, and remediates the many use-cases from which data might get exposed. With Wing’s easy-to-use interface, security teams can quickly view and fix vulnerabilities related to data exposure from shared files.

SaaS Security issue that is common: Externally sharing files set to 'share with anyone' who has the link

End-users can be included in the remediation process so that they learn to avoid repeating issues, as well as preventing critical SaaS file permissions from being revoked.

Wing Security widely secures SaaS use, which includes protecting the data within SaaS apps from being compromised, alongside all User related issues and App related Issues.