Manage Tokens & Permissions

The problem:

SaaS-related Tokens & Permissions aren’t monitored or regulated.

Employees frequently use OAuth tokens to sign into SaaS apps and then proceed to grant permissions to their co-workers and outside vendors. Most of these employees are not familiar with what those tokens are exactly, and are often not fully aware of the ramifications of the permissions they’re granting. Without monitoring and regulating this activity, it can create a big security mess real fast.

Security teams need to be able to:

Refresh expired OAuth tokens.

Revoking permissions.

Reduce permissions without revoking.

Urgently revoke all tokens from an app that has been compromised.

Wing’s Solution:

Token & Permissions Controls

Wing enables Security teams to exert control over tokens & permissions, in a way that’s minimally disruptive to employees unless required.

SaaS Security issue of high permissions being granted to a SaaS app

Wing’s built-in automation enables Security teams to carry out wide-reaching tasks such as revoking all OAuth tokens with just a few clicks.

Permissions-related issues can be fixed company-wide with just a few clicks, making SaaS permissions safe, but without impacting employee’s work.