Always-on Data Monitoring

Monitor and manage data exposure

The interconnected nature of SaaS increases the likelihood of data leakage, breaches, and cyberattacks. Today, security teams often struggle to track and understand how their data is being used, which can lead to serious business, reputational, legal, and financial damage. Unauthorized access is a common starting point for data exposure. To maintain compliance, build customer trust, and ensure the complete protection of your organization’s sensitive data, you need an SSPM solution to proactively detect, and respond to data leaks, data breaches, and the unauthorized usage of sensitive information.

Protect your organization from data leaks

Wing’s non-intrusive SSPM solution helps you protect your organization’s sensitive data by providing comprehensive visibility into your data and its usage. As an SSPM solution trusted by hundreds of global companies, businesses turn to Wing for its remediation capabilities that can be done to terminate unauthorized file sharing or the misuse of sensitive data quickly and easily.

Monitor and ensure data is used correctly and appropriately.  

Use Wing for monitoring SaaS applications, users and data, identifying vulnerabilities, and remediating threats. This can be done by leveraging Wing’s SSPM solution that continuously monitors, near real-time threats, and provides comprehensive risk assessments and more – making it an ideal choice for organizations who need to streamline their security practices.

Streamline threat detection and response with our proactive dark web monitoring

Wing’s Threat Intelligence team consistently monitors the dark web and various channels to stay ahead of the most recent breaches and updates. Wing supports you in implementing proactive measures to safeguard your third-party connections and responding promptly to breaches. Equipped with this information, you can mitigate the impact of potential leaks of sensitive information, ultimately ensuring minimal disruption for both users and your business.