Shadow IT

Gain near real-time insights to prevent Shadow IT

SaaS applications are essential for productive work, but their introduction into organizations without involving security teams poses serious risks. Shadow IT brings new and complex SaaS threats and are becoming more of an occurrence. Today, real-time SaaS visibility and monitoring is an essential component of protecting your organization’s SaaS usage. Wing’s provides a full-picture of an organization’s entire SaaS landscape, including which SaaS apps are being used and which sensitive SaaS files are being shared – keeping a close eye on SaaS Security concerns.

See your full list of SaaS applications – within minutes.

Within minutes after connecting, Wing’s SaaS discovery solution provides a detailed and up to date list of SaaS applications being use across your organizational landscape. This ensures that you have an accurate and real-time snapshot of your organization’s SaaS ecosystem, providing you with critical information about compliance, security information, permissions, how applications are connected to the company’s data and more.

Get a mapped, analyzed, and scored view of your SaaS environment  

Managing file sharing and user access and behavior is of paramount importance for security teams and CISO’s. Wing’s continuous evaluation of security risks across apps, users and files (third-party included) gives you an up-to-date understanding of your SaaS risks.

Get insights into SaaS compliance, security score and business information

The analysis of SaaS compliance offers a clear understanding of how well your applications align with security policies and industry standards. The security scores give you a quick and comprehensive overview of your security posture, so you can prioritize the immediate security actions needing to be taken. This information can also be leveraged for making informed business decisions too.

Effectively monitor employee data in a non-intrusive manner

Effectively managing the offboarding process is essential to prevent outgoing employees from retaining access to critical business information. SSPM solutions such as Wing can detect who has access to what, ensuring that offboarded employees who still have access are known to the relevant security or IT team. This ultimately reduces the risk of insider threats and enhancing overall security.