Simplify Evidence and Data Collection for Your Compliance Audits

Wing Security helps you save valuable time when going through your audits

Meeting regulatory requirements is a lengthy process that often involves a lot of tedious work, where evidence and data collection are non-negotiable in proving that you meet the necessary standards.

While Wing Security’s primary use case is SaaS Security, many use our platform to easily track (and prove) proper employee offboarding. In addition to this, Wing provides valuable information regarding the access levels that each employee has for varying business applications. Here’s how:

User Offboarding

When an employee leaves the company, it is necessary to prove that all ties have been severed, including any access that the employee may have had to SaaS applications connected to the organization. This is important both to ensure that former employees no longer have access to business information and that permissions they granted to various SaaS applications are properly revoked.

Wing Security revokes access with a click of a button, simplifying the process, saving you time, and helping you prove that you have taken the required steps to ensure no loose ends in the employee offboarding process.

Access Review

Not all employees should have access to your business-critical applications, nor should they be granted excessive permissions. Wing Security provides a clear view of each application’s users, their last access to the application (also useful for offboarding proof), and the type of permissions they have granted to the application.

We don’t leave you hanging with all this information; we offer in-product remediation capabilities to ensure proper application usage, while making sure you have the necessary proof to demonstrate that the application is accessed only by authorized employees.

Vendor Risk Assessment

Wing’s SaaS application database provides an effective method to conduct assessments and lookups on third-party vendors to fast track vendor risk assesments. Wing’s comprehensive database hosts over 280,000 SaaS applications, providing each application’s critical information such as compliance status, security scores, permissions, and third-party connections. Such a database allows organizations to gain accurate insights into the risks associated with various vendors, enabling better decision-making on new and existing applications.

In Wing’s SSPM solution, each application’s reputation score is represented by either 1,2 or 3 shields. With this scoring system, organizations can continuously monitor the security posture of their vendors, ensuring they adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Compliance and vendor risk assesment
Ensure Your SaaS Stack Is Compliant

An added value Wing provides is the full list of compliances for each application in use, indicating whether they have or have not met the necessary requirements. This information is important when reviewing applications and determining whether or not they should be used. In addition to sharing information, Wing goes further by offering alternative applications that better meet your compliance needs.