Got Questions?
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Learn more about Wing’s SSPM solution by exploring some of these commonly asked questions

What is SSPM?

SSPM, or SaaS Security Posture Management solutions help organizations regain control over highly popular SaaS usage, which would otherwise remain completely decentralized and ungoverned. SSPM ensures that SaaS is used safely and in a way that doesn’t compromise compliance, sensitive data, or security posture.

How do you discover applications and users?

We have multiple methods to discover applications and users, all of which do not require the installation of an agent or proxy. We utilize OAuth to connect with core business applications such as Google, Slack, Office 365, Salesforce, GitHub/GitLab, Atlassian, and more. Additionally, we can query endpoints and analyze browser history, as well as installed browser extensions to identify application usage. Furthermore, we can connect to your email address to uncover even more applications. Our SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) methods ensure efficient discovery of SaaS Security, and Cyber Security-related information.

Is my data safe? Where is it stored?

Absolutely! Wing is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliant, ensuring the highest standards of data security. Your data is securely stored in the AWS US-East region, providing advanced SaaS security protection.

What makes Wing Security different from other tools that detect Shadow IT?

Wing Security is an SSPM solution that sets itself apart from other tools in the market by placing a strong emphasis on security. We strongly believe that security teams should know more than just the app name when it comes to application information. That’s why Wing stands out with our extensive SaaS reputation database, comprised of over 260,000 SaaS applications. With this vast collection of data, Wing provides invaluable insights into compliance, risk scores, threat intelligence indicators, application alternatives, and much more, enhancing your SaaS Security.

Is this application whitelisting?

No, it is not. As an SSPM, we recognize the importance of SaaS applications in driving business growth and our goal is to ensure their safe usage rather than implementing restrictive whitelisting measures.

How quickly will I see value?

With Wing’s SSPM solution, you will start experiencing value within minutes. During our initial meeting, we can significantly reduce your SaaS attack surface without disrupting user productivity or existing workflows.

Will this cause friction between IT, Security, and other teams?

Absolutely not. Your engineers and sales teams can continue with their jobs as usual. Wing’s SaaS security solution takes care of cleaning up risky or unnecessary SaaS applications on an ongoing basis without creating any animosity.

What kind of support do you provide?

As a valued customer, you will be assigned a dedicated engineer and customer success manager who will be available to assist you as frequently as needed. They will address your feature requests, connector requests, and guide you through the customer journey. Think of them as an extension of your security team, always there to support your SaaS security and SSPM needs.

Who are your founders and investors?

Both our founders, Noam Shaar and Galit Lubetzky Sharon, bring extensive experience from leading the cyber defense division of the Israeli Defense Forces for over 25 years. Noam served as the first CISO of the IDF, and Galit has received multiple Israeli Defense Awards for her wide-ranging contributions. In terms of investors, we have received backing from GGV Capital, S-Capital, Harmony Partners, Silicon Valley CISO Investments Group, and prominent security leaders.