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Wing Security Further Enhances Threat Detection and Remediation Capabilities Through Email-To-Platform Integrations

November 8, 2023, TEL AVIV, IsraelWing Security (Wing), the leading provider of SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), announced today the enhancement of its threat detection offering by integrating with gmail and Outlook email services. Through seamless Application Programming Interface (API) integration and OAuth connections, Wing’s customers can now link their business email accounts to Wing’s platform. These new integrations enable Wing to promptly alert customers to any risky email forwarding rules, where company data, IP and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) may be at risk.

Wing’s latest email integrations empower customers to exercise greater insight into how employees utilize their business email, and to mitigate potential foul play by deleting unwanted forwarding rules. While these rules may be beneficial for day-to-day operations, they can pose significant risks when misused or mishandled. Some of the common risks include: Insider risks, where employees may intentionally leak data to their own personal accounts. Accidental data leaks to unauthorized parties and the risk of malicious actors exfiltrating data after a successful phishing attempt, or even worse, taking advantage of these emails for ransomware attacks.

The ability to integrate with business email accounts also further enhances Wing’s SaaS discovery capabilities. Unlike other cumbersome and intrusive traditional methods, Wing now offers three distinct discovery methods: (1) Integrating with organizations’ major SaaS applications (e.g., Google Drive, Salesforce, Slack, and others) to identify connected applications. (2) Scanning endpoints for SaaS signature hits of non-OAuth applications. (3) Finally, the newly introduced capability involves non-intrusively connecting to users’ emails and conducting scans to detect clear indications of SaaS usage, without reading the emails’ content. Wing cross-checks all their findings against their extensive SaaS database of over 280K records.

This enhancement is another reflection of Wing’s recent momentum. The company recently introduced its new mid-tier product, “Essential SSPM,” catering to small and medium-sized companies providing essential yet fundamental SaaS security capabilities at an affordable cost of $1500 per year, per company. Yoav Kalati, vice president of product at Wing, emphasized, “Wing remains dedicated to delivering SaaS security solutions to organizations of all sizes and budgets. Simultaneously, we are committed to continuously enhancing our core offering, ensuring the highest levels of SaaS security. These new capabilities enable Wing to provide unparalleled SaaS discovery non-intrusively, while safeguarding customers from common insider risks like automated email forwarding roles.”

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