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Learn more about Wing’s Essential SSPM solution by exploring some of these commonly asked questions

Product and benefits


Q: What is SSPM?

A: SSPM, or SaaS Security Posture Management solutions help organizations regain control over their SaaS usage, which would otherwise remain completely decentralized and ungoverned. SSPM ensures that SaaS is used safely and in a way that doesn’t compromise compliance, sensitive data, or security posture. For more about SSPM, read this article


Q: What are the key benefits of Essential SSPM?

A: The key benefits are:

  1. Enhanced Vendor Risk Assessments: Essential SSPM empowers you to leverage Wing’s extensive SaaS vendor database, boasting over 280,000 SaaS vendors in its records. First, Wing will discover the SaaS applications used by your employees (both internal and external). Then, it will provide valuable insights for each SaaS application, including its security score, compliances, its connection to your organization, and the permissions granted to it. This information equips you to make informed decisions for both User Access Reviews and SaaS vendor security assessments.
  2. Accelerated User Access Review Evidence Collection: Nowadays, companies spend a considerable amount of valuable time selecting which applications to review, going through user profiles one by one — often dealing with thousands of them — ensuring they have the correct roles and permissions, and manually collecting evidence for compliance audits. With Essential SSPM, you can reduce weeks of work to just hours.
  3. All the information you need, in one place: Reduce errors, simplify SaaS compliance and evidence collection. Enjoy one pane of glass for all your SaaS compliance needs.


Q: What is the recommended workflow with Essential SSPM?

A: We recommend you start by adding the applications you would like to review for their user access levels and roles. Essential SSPM supports 20 different applications.

Fill in your compliance report faster - screenshot

Once connected, you can click on an application of choice and follow the simple instructions for conducting your review.

Friendly tips: 

  • Based on our experience, we recommend beginning with reviewing your IM and IAM applications first, as they are the base of your workspace.
  • Once you’ve started a review, we recommend reviewing admins and other high-permission roles first to assess higher-risk users and confirm they have been granted the correct permissions


Q: Why should I consider upgrading to the Wing Enterprise edition?

A: With Wing’s Enterprise edition, you will receive unlimited access to all of Wing’s SaaS security features. This includes:

  • Access to query our unique SaaS vendor database (280K records) for specific SaaS you’re interested in.
  • Advanced Insider Risk Management solutions, learn more here and here
  • SaaS Supply chain risk management.
  • Protecting the data your employees are sharing with and across SaaS applications.
  • Automated remediation workflows from within the product.
  • We typically see 5-10X ROI with our Enterprise customers within the first year.

Onboarding and usage


Q: Why do you need access to my Google / Microsoft to get started?

A: Essential SSPM uses a discovery method which is non intrusive: We query the SaaS application’s API via the OAuth connection you’ll give us access to (Google/Microsoft). We use this method to discover your SaaS applications and users, so we can provide you with the required insights and actions. We recommend once you’re in, to add more applications for broader coverage and better security.


Q: What type of access permissions do you require and why?

A: We do our best to minimize the required permissions as much as we can, to keep your workspace safe and private. For more details on the permissions we ask for, You can review the permissions we ask for in this article


Q: Where does Wing store my data?

A: We take serious security measures to ensure your data’s safety. We use AWS services located in the USA. Wing is ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant. For more information, visit our privacy policy.


Q: Can I add other team members to my access review process?

A: Yes. Once you start a review, you can add other team members or “collaborators” by clicking on the “more” option on the lower right side of your screen. This will lead you to the “Invite collaborators” option, where you can send invites to relevant members of your team.

Export CSV, Invite collaborators, Abort review


Q: Can I change my mind after starting a review?

A: Sure. Once you start a review, you can choose to abort it by clicking on the “more” option on the lower right side of your screen. This will lead you to the “Abort review” option. If you simply wish to exit the review, Wing will save your progress for you.


Q: How can I prioritize the users I review?

A: We know that often organizations have thousands of users they need to review across multiple applications. Wing helps you prioritize the users you review based on their status (active/inactive/suspended/deleted) and their roles. For example, starting with active “Super Admins” is recommended when reviewing critical business applications. Inactive non-admins can be left for last while Wing gives you the option to mark them all as “approved” for the access review, saving you time.


Q: Do you support user role changing?

A: We do not currently support user role changing from within Wing. However, if you wish to make changes to user roles, simply open the relevant application, perform necessary changes and return to Wing. Click to update and Wing will scan your chosen apps and show you the changes that were made to the user roles. At this point, you should approve the users’ roles.

Payment and service


Q: How much does Wing SSPM for Compliance cost?

A: In order to enjoy unlimited user access reviews, robust vendor risk assessment capabilities and basic SaaS security features (such as revoking tokens to applications putting you at risk), we charge only $1500 per year.


Q: How do I pay?

A: From within the product! Once onboarded to our free version, you’ll get one free access review, for one business application. When you attempt additional actions, you will be sent to our payment portal. You can also always reach out to us via the “Help” option on the bottom left of our menu bar.


Q: Can I try the product before buying?

A: Of course! We provide a free version that includes free SaaS Shadow IT discovery (find the SaaS applications your users connected to your organization), basic vendor risk assessment and one access review evidence collection, for one application. You can start for free here.


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