Case Study

Claroty chooses Wing for securing their SaaS usage


Claroty, a company that specializes in providing purpose-built cybersecurity controls for identifying, protecting, monitoring, and optimizing assets, systems, and processes within industrial environments, faced a central challenge when it came to their SaaS Security. This challenge was gaining comprehensive insight into user interactions with SaaS applications.

They needed a solution that could answer questions about who was using these applications, the nature of their actions, and when and how these actions occurred. Claroty’s primary goal was to secure their SaaS environment and ensure the safety of their employees while using these applications.


Securing SaaS application usage

  • Agility in Adapting to Threats: Claroty sought a security partner capable of swift response to emerging threats.

  • In-Depth User Insights: Claroty prioritized obtaining detailed insights into user behaviors within SaaS apps.

  • Early Vulnerability Detection: Claroty required a solution for early detection of vulnerabilities in SaaS apps to enhance security posture.

Visibility, Proactive Protection, Insights

Critical features tailored to secure the SaaS stack

  • Enhanced Visibility: Wing provided critical visibility into the way users were interacting with SaaS, such as when and how it was being used.

  • Granular Insights: Wing provided highly detailed insights into user activities within SaaS apps, enhancing Claroty’s ability to address security threats effectively.

  • Proactive Protection: Wing’s proactive approach was able to identify and mitigate threats, securing Claroty’s system and data amid evolving risks.

Securing Saas App Usage

The right technology partner

By implementing Wing’s SSPM solution, Claroty not only benefited from comprehensive visibility into user interactions within SaaS applications, but also recieved granular insights, proactive protection, and adaptability to evolving security threats. This proves how SSPM technology is the ideal solution to protect employees from risky apps and threats actors with malicious intentions.

The Right Technology Partner

“The reason why we need a tool like Wing in our environment is that many of these
SaaS applications are actually vulnerable to certain types of attacks”.



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