Gain Full Visibility

The problem:

SaaS is used throughout your organization without involving IT or Security teams.

All this unchecked SaaS use creates ‘Shadow IT’, which leads to many security issues.

For addressing these issues, Security teams need to first have a clear view of all the SaaS apps being used, by which users, and which possible security threats are being posed.

Solutions must keep up with today’s fast-paced and decentralized hybrid workforce.

Solutions must also include 3rd party apps and App2App connections.

Discovery must be ongoing, yet non-intrusive.

Legacy solutions require intrusive deployment, often involving an agent or proxy.

Wing’s Solution:

Always-on, Non-intrusive Discovery

Wing Security’s non-intrusive Discovery provides a full-picture of an organization’s entire SaaS landscape, including which SaaS apps are being used, by whom, and which sensitive SaaS files are being shared.

Wing’s Discovery is quick and easy to onboard, and runs continuously in the background to find any newly onboarded SaaS apps, new users, or shared files.

Wing cross-references all discovered apps against a massive database and then generates a Wing Security Ranking, making it easy to understand the safety of each app.