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Critical SaaS Security Do’s and Don’ts: Insights from 493 Companies

SaaS applications have become integral to business operations. However, with their widespread use comes heightened security risks. According to Wing’s recent research in our 2024 State of SaaS Security Report, 97% of companies are vulnerable to serious threats from unsecured SaaS applications.

In this webinar, Ran Senderovitz, COO at Wing, shares crucial insights and actionable strategies to safeguard your organization, based on the findings from within the report.

Here’s what you’ll gain by watching:

  • Hear about the statistics and insights discovered by Wing’s data and threat intelligence teams – covering data, SaaS applications, users, and AI.
  • Receive practical tips that you can immediately implement to bolster your organization’s security posture and proactively defend against emerging SaaS-related threats.
  • Learn about anticipated challenges within the SaaS landscape for the upcoming year, along with effective solutions to mitigate these risks, through our exclusive SaaS threat forecast for 2024.

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