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Integration for Slack

Wing notification

Send and receive notifications of issues directly in Slack. Use Slack to ask users to remove unused tokens, shares etc.

Installing this application allows Wing to send Slack messages instead of email messages to end-users with issues when you apply remediation actions that involves these end-users.

Messages are triggered by defining an automated remediation flow that sends users messages or by manually clicking a remediation action that notifies users.

Messages are throttled so that users will not receive more than a single message per issue type per week, where a single message will describe all issues of the same type.

The Wing-Notifications bot doesn’t join, send messages or respond to any keywords in channels and groups. We only send direct messages and only respond to triggers from the remediation flow and from buttons or links in the remediation messages.

  • users:read – View people in your workspace.
  • users:read.email – View email addresses of people in your workspace.
  • chat:write – Send messages as @wing-notifications

Give it a shot, no strings attached