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Automated SaaS Security VS CASB

The critical differences between using a Cloud-Access Security Broker (CASB) VS Wing Security.

Back in 2012, SaaS was still a fairly new thing that was just starting to catch on, and a system was needed to keep track of it all “in case something went wrong”, so the solution back in those days was to use a Cloud-Access Security Broker (CASB). Fast forward to 2022 and the usage of SaaS has gotten to the point where nearly all employees require using some sort of SaaS to do their job. And as that usage of SaaS has grown exponentially, so have the security and cyber threats & risks it brings.

CASBs are based on an older architecture that was focused on securing “The Cloud”, itself a broad term from the previous decade. CASBs are a somewhat invasive system that monitors all the network’s traffic in order to detect any cloud usage. This method misses multiple threats and risks that are prevalent in most organizations. Compared to CASB, Automated SaaS Security is a much newer and more robust line of defense than previous solutions for SaaS security.

“Compared to CASB, Automated SaaS Security is a much newer and more robust line of defense.”

5 important differences between a CASB and Wing Security:

1. Nonintrusive Discovery – Wing Security runs the SaaS Discovery process as nonintrusive, while a CASB system would need to very intrusively monitor all network traffic to get the same information.

2. Automation – CASBs require a tremendous amount of effort to handle all the issues and maintain the current level of security. Wing Security on the other hand, has built-in automation. Aside from reducing costs, the automation also drastically increases the overall security.

3. Setup and Implementation – Wing Security is designed to work with existing IT infrastructure, while a CASB often requires a complete overhaul of existing IT infrastructure for implementation, as well as other integration hurdles that must be overcome.

4. Comprehensive Solution – In addition to full visibility and analysis, Wing Security offers comprehensive protection for vulnerabilities that originate in SaaS usage: Risky app2app connections, data sharing, and user inconsistencies. CASB only provides limited security controls.

5. Cost effective – Wing Security is far more cost effective than any CASB. Especially when you factor in that CASBs require much more time and effort to install and maintain.

“Wing Security is far more cost effective than any CASB.”

Protect Your SaaS Security Posture

Aside from all the above capabilities and features, the bottom line is that with an automated SaaS security platform such as Wing Security, your overall security posture is much stronger, quicker to react, and more robust than what can be offered by a CASB.

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