A software component that enables two applications or services to communicate with each other. Connectors are typically used to connect cloud-based applications, allowing them to share data.

How Wing uses Connectors

Wing uses connectors to view metadata that is shared between all apps that use that connector to login. In most cases, this is a Google Workplace (Formerly G-Suite) or Microsoft.

  1. These allows Wing to detect SaaS use, without needing to see anything in the SaaS itself.
  2. The more connectors that are added, the wider the scope of apps that can be detected
  3. Wing also provides an option of using an endpoint query which integrates just like a connector and can be used in parallel with the other connectors to verify the SaaS use, and also to discover some hard-to-find SaaS use such as browser extensions and old-school logins with a username and password.

Contact Wing if you’d like further details on which permissions are granted

Common Connectors

Wing's Connectors - SaaS Security Discovery process