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Essential SSPM: Making Critical SaaS Security Affordable

In today’s digital age, the reliance on SaaS solutions has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. However, CISOs and security teams often find themselves grappling with the challenge of SaaS security due to limited resources and tight budgets. Fortunately, Wing’s “Essential SSPM” solution is making SaaS security accessible to all.

Affordable SaaS Security: A Game-Changer

Essential SSPM is reshaping the way we think about SaaS security. Priced at just $1,500 a year, it offers an affordable solution to organizations needing to protect essential SaaS security needs. Essential SSPM offers the base-level SaaS security protection that every company should have.

So, what makes Essential SSPM such a game-changer? It focuses on the core, critical pillars of SaaS security. 

SaaS Shadow IT Discovery

Gain visibility into all the SaaS applications connected to your organization. You can’t secure what you don’t know, and Essential SSPM ensures that no application goes unnoticed.

Vendor Risk Assessments

Understand the levels of permissions granted to SaaS applications and track how many employees are using them. This knowledge is essential to prevent excessive access to critical data and identify applications critical to your business.

User Access Reviews and Control

Evaluate the risk levels tied to each SaaS application and take well-informed remediation actions, ensuring that only essential users can access critical business applications, thereby minimizing potential data exposure.

These pillars form the cornerstone of Essential SSPM in a new way for organizations of all sizes to meet essential security standards without breaking the bank

Data-Driven Insights for Enhanced Security

One of the product’s standout features is its reliance on Wing’s data-driven insights. With access to Wing’s vast database tracking over 280,000 SaaS applications, Essential SSPM provides valuable insights into functionality, compliance status, and security history. This data-driven approach allows organizations to make informed decisions, identify potential risks, and take proactive measures to enhance their security posture.

Much like its affordability, the product’s approach is practical. It’s designed to provide significant value to users, ensuring that they can immediately strengthen their SaaS security posture. While this product covers essential SaaS security needs and offers an impressive return on investment, larger organizations may eventually consider transitioning to Wing’s full-fledged enterprise solution. Nonetheless, for mid-sized companies and those new to SSPM, this offering is a perfect fit, delivering tangible results and demonstrating its value quickly.

What’s in it for me as an IT or Security Professional?

Wings Essential SSPM elevates your organization to align with the industry-standard security and compliance framework for SaaS adoption. By utilizing Essential SSPM, you can enhance your SaaS security to the levels recommended by SOC2 and ISO27001. Consequently, organizations aiming to attain these compliances formally can significantly reduce the time spent collecting evidence, saving many weeks of labor. Ultimately, compliance is an inherent outcome of prioritizing security.

Try Essential SSPM for yourself

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