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Most common questions about Wing and SaaS Security

First, let me introduce myself

As a former tech consultant with EY, I have always been aware of the risks posed by shadow IT. However, finding a solution that met customer requirements – affordability and user-friendliness to name a few – proved to be tough. Well, that was until I found Wing. 

Alongside my tech expertise, I’m also an avid endurance athlete, having completed four marathons, Ironman 70.3s, and many more on the roadmap. 

In the last 12 months alone, I’ve had more than 500 conversations with prospective customers, gaining valuable insights into their needs and concerns. Here are some of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to Wing and SaaS Security.

How does discovery work in Wing Security?

There are 4 complementary discovery methods, all of which are agentless/not in-line, and can all be connected in under 30 minutes.

  • App2app connectivity:  With a simple OAuth token, Wing connects with dozens of applications (Okta, Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce, GitHub, etc) showing all users, permissions, roles, risks, and 3rd party applications.
  • Email scanning: Wing scans Outlook or Gmail non-intrusively, at the server level, to discover applications not connected through OAuth or SSO. In most cases, we discover 2x the number of apps that are discovered in App2App methods.
  • Endpoint scanning: By deploying an .exe file with any software that already has an agent deployed (SCCM, Azure, Crowdstrike, Jamf, etc). This script was created internally to discover all locally installed apps, web extensions, and local authentication on corporate devices.
  • Shared Drive Scanning: By connecting via OAuth to file-sharing services (OneDrive/Sharepoint, Google Drive, Box, etc), Wing discovers all external file shares from the beginning of time, allowing for seamless remediation of incorrect file sharing.

Between the 4 of these discovery methods, Wing provides the deepest and most comprehensive discovery of SaaS usage.

What is Wing doing to secure AI?

While many companies are finding major AI apps like ChatGPT in their organizations, Wing also discovers and tags applications that have integrated AI capabilities built into their existing products. Oftentimes, these companies update their T&C, auto-consent users, and train on their data.

Wing actively scans an organization’s SaaS stack for both pure AI and AI-infused applications to alert security teams and CISOs about the utilization of organizational data. Additionally, Wing provides alerts on updates to AI T&C, auto-consent practices, and instances where AI may train on organizational data. Currently, Wing tracks approximately 10,000 AI and AI-infused apps, scanning and alerting on privacy issues they introduce.

What’s unique about Wing Security compared to the other new SSPM vendors?

SaaS usage has exploded in organizations, which has led to a clear need- to ensure SaaS can be used safely. While Wing understands this basic and fundamental need, what gives us a true advantage is the complete, simple, and automated nature of the solution.

One of the standout advantages of a solution like Wing is the completeness of its SSPM capabilities, including the amount of control it gives to security professionals over their SaaS. In my opinion, the most unique features are; the most comprehensive SaaS discovery, a SaaS reputation DB consisting of over 300,000 SaaS records (similar to G2 for security) automated T&C scanning for AI and AI-integrated applications, and simple out-of-the-box workflows that include end-users in remediation.

How much time does it take to manage Wing as a mid-sized company and understaffed security team?

For us at Wing, one of the most important measures for success is how little time customers spend in the platform, managing their SaaS Security. After approximately 3 hours of onboarding, you won’t be spending more than 6 hours/month to secure your SaaS. Currently, most of our customers are spending less than 6 hours per month on this, with our goal to decrease this number even further.

What’s the most used feature in Wing?

The most used feature of Wing is our built-in risk reduction automations. Discovery is a great asset for an initial understanding of a company’s SaaS domain, but what truly matters is what you can do with this knowledge once it’s in your hands. Wing prioritizes automations so security teams can “set and forget”, ensuring no risky applications are being used, no files are being shared incorrectly, and your SaaS security posture is being fully monitored. 

We are also looking at DLP solutions. Why choose Wing and not a DLP?

A few reasons. The first is time to value. Wing connects to file-sharing services (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.) in a matter of seconds. Most DLPs are event-based, which only gives visibility and action into a number of files.

Wing measures from the beginning of time and within seconds, enables automations to close risky file shares, such as shares available to “anyone with the link”, not accessed for a specific duration of time, containing sensitive content, etc…

What is the vision of Wing over the next 10 years?

We believe in the benefits of SaaS, and we aim to do all that we can to ensure that it is used in the safest way possible. Policies are being written to combat SaaS risks, however, there is often a lack of enforcement when it comes down to action. The vision of Wing is to take the burden off the security team and allow Wing to be the SaaS security expert. With Wing as a fully automated, no-touch SSPM requiring less than 30 minutes per month to monitor and report.

How is Wing priced?

Unlike other SSPM providers, Wing’s pricing is based on the number of active knowledge workers, and offers four product tiers. We have a free product and other pricing options that start at $3,500 for an entire organization. With 4 pricing tiers, all providing significant value and highly beneficial automations, Wing is perfect for mid-market and small enterprise organizations.

Got questions of your own?

Feel free to send me a message and we can chat all about SaaS security and how Wing can help you.

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