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It’s Time to Get On Top of SaaS Security and Governance.

Wing Security helps companies gain the upper hand when securing their organization’s SaaS usage. Here’s more about it:

“Knowing how an attacker thinks, puts you one step ahead when it comes to crafting a defense plan.”

Noam Shaar - SaaS Security leader, President and Co-Founder of Wing Security
Noam Shaar – President, Wing Security

I got my first taste for cyber-security when I served in the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite signal-intelligence unit, Unit 8200. I was then lucky enough to be given the opportunity to become the CISO for the whole IDF and to manage cyber security on a national level. Playing on both the attack and defense sides of the fence was a rare and eye-opening experience that helped me learn how to get on top of the different types of risk, and develop a holistic approach to fighting cyber-criminals.

Shortly after I retired from military service, SaaS security caught my attention as it was exploding all around me, everyone was using it – from HR to DevOps to finance. SaaS usage has boomed over the last few years and yet the unique issue of SaaS cybersecurity seemed not to receive the appropriate attention. With great SaaS also comes great risk… As recent attacks prove, SaaS has also grabbed the attention of cybercriminals. That’s why Wing Security’s focus is ensuring SaaS applications are being used safely.

“Our goal is very simple – enabling businesses to use as many SaaS applications as they want, safely.”

The shift many organizations made towards widespread use of SaaS applications enabled a digital transformation and rapid growth, but left a gap in security that is still not met. Many organizations in recent years have turned to Zoom, Slack, DropBox, Microsoft Office 365, and many other, sometimes lesser known, SaaS productivity apps for better, faster work and collaboration. But, the risk mitigation of these apps is still often overlooked, or only partially addressed, by security teams and users.

SaaS is a different and unique layer to secure. It’s not determined by endpoints, IP addresses and ports, it’s determined by services, permissions, tokens and APIs; it’s totally decentralized! And until now there wasn’t one holistic solution that solves the main problem: “Can you use SaaS safely?”

Wing Security’s mission is to answer that call and allow businesses to both grow faster and more efficiently, while also allowing them to use as many SaaS applications as they want, safely. Wing Security offers strong and non intrusive discovery capabilities to regain control of your SaaS landscape. Then, by analyzing, examining, and tackling risks that originate in App2App connections, data sharing, user inconsistencies and constantly monitoring new and existing apps, we enable businesses to scale and add capabilities easily. By using Wing for SaaS security, organizations can focus on business growth instead of security for the applications that enable success.

We also differentiate ourselves from other SaaS security vendors by focusing on the human side of the SaaS security problem. You have to work with your customer, and their end users. From discovery to remediation, to security,  alerting is not enough. It’s really about the customer, the user, or the security teams, the people; you have to take the burden from them. To do so, automation is key.

“By using Wing for SaaS security, organizations can focus on business growth instead of security for the applications that enable success.”

Automated Remediation of SaaS Issues

Proper security is all about active prevention, getting ahead of the attack. We remediate issues before they turn into threats by identifying potential security gaps and engaging end-users and security teams. We allow them to remediate threats with a few simple mouse clicks. Or no clicks at all…

Security leaders and their teams are usually overworked and overwhelmed with all the different security solutions, vendors and tasks. It’s no picnic. We aim to streamline SaaS security as much as possible and therefore provide security teams with the option to automatically remediate risks identified by our system. We offer customizable out of the box remediation playbooks and help our customers by providing automation and saving them precious time.

Into the Future of SaaS Security

SaaS is not slowing down, it’s growing massively and with it – the available attack surface. Malicious attackers have definitely noticed, and unfortunately, we expect to see more and more SaaS – based attacks. With time, many more use cases will need to be answered. It can’t be about patches, it must be about preempting and it doesn’t make sense to try and patch it one-by-one with singular solutions when there are so many challenges that are always coming up.

Wing Security continues to invest in top notch research and intelligence to make sure we are always one step ahead and can tackle new use cases as they come up. The challenge will be to maintain this new giant and complex SaaS apps network, and keeping it safe. 

Our ultimate goal is to ensure security leaders don’t have to compromise when it comes to the cybersecurity of newer tools that enable innovation, growth, productivity, and collaboration. That’s where I see Wing Security’s future, at the forefront of the innovation that the SaaS security sector needs.

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