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Keeping SaaS Secure

As usage of SaaS grows and grows, so do all those ‘backdoors’ left open by the fact that literally no one ever revokes permissions and most don’t think twice when granting them. Well, that creates challenges, and here is how we solve them:

SaaS Security involves not only keeping each user’s privacy secure, but also the entire network from the risks related to perfectly normal company-wide day-to-day SaaS usage. 

As SaaS usage grows, so does the threat of leaving dozens to hundreds of ‘backdoors’ open. And as SaaS usage becomes required for most work, so does the “attack surface” that this presents to potential bad actors’…

In this article, we’ll explore Wing’s end-to-end SaaS Security process including:

  • Nonintrusive discovery
  • Powerful remediation feature
  • Built-in Automation 
  • Engaging end-users into the decision loop
  • 360° of SaaS Security

Keeping SaaS secure is a feat only possible with the right tools. Wing Security offers those tools.

“As SaaS usage grows, so does the threat of dozens to hundreds of ‘backdoors’ open.”

Why Discovery MUST be Nonintrusive

Discovery is the process in which a SaaS security solution discovers and analyzes which SaaS apps are being used by anyone using the organization’s domain, with the ultimate goal of mapping out the threats and understanding the overall SaaS usage landscape.

Gaining access to a network for IT discovery is a big piece of the puzzle for securing its SaaS apps. It is usually the first step before analyzing the SaaS usage for risks and threats in order to prioritize and sort them before taking action. However, there is often some pushback when it comes to gaining that access, especially if that access is at all intrusive such as using an agent or a proxy. When the discovery process can be carried out in a nonintrusive manner, as Wing does, there is far less pushback. Wing’s discovery is programmed to only look at WHO is using WHICH SaaS tools and keeping track of WHEN they’re used. All information and details inside the SaaS apps remains completely unseen throughout the entire process. By keeping the discovery nonintrusive, it helps foster a much wider adoption which results in a higher level of SaaS security.

Discovery is the process in which a SaaS-security platform begins learning which apps are being used across your entire network, with the goal of mapping out the threats and understanding the overall SaaS landscape.

Remediation at the Security Team’s fingertips

But just discovery & analysis is not enough. Aside from knowing Who, used Which SaaS apps and When, Security Teams also need to be able to act on that information, especially if it poses any sort of risk. Wing Security provides that capability by organizing the threats into a prioritized and actionable list, and then enabling security teams to revoke tokens in order to take away access, permissions, or file-shares. Wing even lets security teams solve user-inconsistency issues, and if needed, suspend users (such as an employee that left).

This way, Security Teams are able to find potential security issues, and then also fix them.

Automation is SO hot right now

Automation is a MUST for securing all the SaaS on large networks. discovery and remediation can help close all those risks that have been left open by SaaS usage. However, the task itself of closing all those apps and gaps can be very tedious, and boring. Wing Security has built-in Automation features that can rapidly speed up that workload while reducing the drain on security team resources, and most importantly, speed up the securing of all SaaS usage across the entire network.

Automation is a MUST for securing large networks.

Bring End-Users Into the Loop

One common concern with automation is that it might accidentally revoke access to something that someone is working on that is important. Without this concern, automation could proceed at a much faster rate. This is where end-users are brought into the loop to negate this problem. Instead of just revoking access to a SaaS app, Wing Security lets the Security Team initiate a process to revoke the access in a few days time, while it also sends out a message to the end-user in which they can extend that access, agree to remove it, or simply keep it. If the end-user does nothing (GASP!), then the access is revoked after a few days as a default. This way the automation can proceed seamlessly, and end-users can jump-in and prevent the access being taken away in the few cases that require it.

360° of SaaS Security

For SaaS Security to be effective, it must solve it all. Discovery & analysis using a nonintrusive method, empower security teams with remediation options with just a few clicks. And then taking it a few steps further and Automate as much of the work as possible, while looping in the end-users to make sure that the automation doesn’t impact employee productivity. Wing Security does all those things, helping organizations of all sizes keep their SaaS usage safe and secure end-to-end.

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