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Instant SaaS Attack Surface Discovery and Automatic Remediation

Eliminate Shadow IT, control SaaS usage & permissions, and monitor for sensitive data leaks

Adrian Ludwig

“What I like best about Wing Security’s platform is their ability to automate remediation workflows. Their automation capabilities take the load off of the security teams and enable users to resolve security issues in the process”

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Chris Jacquet

“Wing’s platform is designed to truly deliver value from the get-go. Within minutes of deployment customers are able to identify and remediate security risks involving users, apps posture, compliance, data sharing and more”

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Steve Pugh

“Wing’s automated remediation capabilities are what made investing in them an easy decision. Their automation paths really take the load off security teams and help ensure security standards are met”

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Colin Anderson

“Non-intrusive discovery is the key and leads to a short time to value equation. I chose to invest in Wing for a number of reasons, but their ability to provide visibility, improve security and deliver value without being a proxy or using one is a unique and important differentiator”

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Adam Glick

“Wing can engage end users in a way that makes it really easy for them to own their SaaS security. It truly helps you create a security-conscious culture.”

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View this short clip to learn what we’re all about, and see if you have the proper insights into your SaaS attack layer

Use Wing Security to:

Gain Full Visibility SaaS Security

Gain Full Visibility

Use our unique non-intrusive Discovery methods to quickly gain a full understanding of all SaaS usage – every app, every user, every file – all the time
SaaS security App2App connections

Shut Down Risky App2App Connections

Detect and automatically shut down risky SaaS app2app connections, including 3rd and 4th party connections, on all existing and new apps

Control Data Exposure

Restrict and govern any data shared with external users over SaaS applications. Revoke unnecessary or risky shared files and repositories

Uncover User Related Risks

Continuously monitor and manage vulnerabilities that originate from inconsistent, wrong, or risky SaaS users behavior

Manage Tokens & Permissions

Allow employees to use the SaaS apps they need, while always ensuring tokens and permissions are monitored and regulated

Leverage Our Massive DB

Enjoy the industry’s largest SaaS reputation DB with hundreds of thousands of SaaS applications and valuable threat intelligence data

Our Unique Approach to SSPM


Wing delivers all your SaaS Security Posture Management needs: Discovery, App’s interconnectivity, data exposure, user related risks… All are found and remediated by Wing, so you don’t need a lot of platforms

Automatic Remediation

We’re solution driven, so we won’t leave you hanging with a list of security issues. On the contrary. We find them, we fix them. Wing comes out-of-the-box with built-in automatic remediation tools.

Let Them Use SaaS

SaaS is great. We believe that users should be able to use the SaaS they need to get their jobs done as quickly, successfully and efficiently as possible. That’s why we make sure SaaS usage is as safe as it gets

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