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Wing’s 2024 State of SaaS Security Report

The rapid growth of SaaS has introduced significant security concerns that no organization can afford to overlook. Last year, state-sponsored groups and threat actors exploited widespread SaaS vulnerabilities, leading to major breaches that left their mark. Even more concerning is the emergence of generative AI capabilities within SaaS applications that discreetly access and leverage organizational data.

With a wide array of threat trends emerging, 2024 and beyond will test any CISO’s readiness to counter these evolving threats. In this report, Wing analyzed nearly 500 organizations to bring to light the statistics that ultimately would enable us to provide a data-driven SaaS security forecast for the year ahead.

Read this report to get:

  • Insights from first-hand SaaS security statistics
  • The latest SaaS threat trends
  • Actionable tips to improve security posture
  • A SaaS threat forecast for 2024

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